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My India
“My India” program tells the story of the origins of the Indian society traditions and shows how the Indians follow age-old customs and rituals today during the pandemic. The authors invite viewers to a vivid journey through different cities of India and show how they celebrate the holidays, what Indians are, what they are fond of, what they believe in and what they dream about.
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India 18 may 2024
My India: The rise in the country's economy
India 11 may 2024
My India. Election, economic and cultural issues and a chess match
India 04 may 2024
My India. Hindu festival, dedicated to goddess Durga
India 27 april 2024
My India. Ram Navami festival
India 20 april 2024
My India. Green Energy
India 13 april 2024
My India. Holi Festival
India 06 april 2024
My India. The vibrant festival of Braj Ki Holi
India 30 march 2024
My India. The Hindu festival Mahashivratri
India 23 march 2024
My India. The Dargah of Hazrat Shah FarhadSahe
India 16 march 2024
My India. Chandigarh and Rose Festival
India 09 march 2024
My India. The annual SarasAajeevikaMela is more than a fair
India 02 march 2024
My India. Indian spices are a part of the cultural life
India 24 february 2024
My India. The temple town of Bhubaneswar
India 17 february 2024
My India. Yoga, an ancient Indian heritage
India 10 february 2024
My India. The diverse beauty of india
India 03 february 2024
My India. The festival of Makar Sankranti