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Why Are Sleep and Healthy Eating So Necessary for The Human Body? - Lyubov Chernyshova

Why Are Sleep and Healthy Eating So Necessary for The Human Body? - Lyubov Chernyshova

Lack of sleep and sleep hygiene violations can undermine human health, both physical and emotional. Basically, problems are associated with hormonal imbalance. Why so? Let's figure it out.

Melatonin, aka the sleep and youth hormone, is only produced in complete darkness and silence and has a powerful lipolytic and revitalizing effect. This hormone is generally produced from about 10 pm to 2 am. Melatonin production decreases with age, which is why older people are more likely to suffer from sleep problems.


Somatotropin - growth hormone - is produced according to approximately the same "schedule". Under normal conditions, it smoothly breaks down fats and converts them into energy, it is responsible for muscle building. If you are awake at the time of melatonin production, its level decreases, the body begins to accumulate excess weight.

With constant sleep hygiene violations and lack of sleep, the body is looking for additional energy sources, which causes imbalance between hormones: the saturation hormone - leptin - is produced less, but the hunger hormone - ghrelin - more. As a result, one begins to overeat.

The stress hormone cortisol treats sleep deprivation as stressful and helps to synthesize fat contributing to muscle breakdown. And now the cherry on top. The level of cortisol due to lack of sleep escalates, which provokes nervousness, memory impairment and decreased performance. Lack of sleep also drops the level of the happiness hormone dopamine, and the body tries to replenish it with high-carbohydrate "tasty" food. ⠀

Sleep disturbances can lead to:
  • - obesity,
  • - cardiovascular and endocrine diseases,
  • - decreased immunity, irritability, and defective memory,
  • - muscle pain, cramps, tremors.
In general, to be energetic, healthy and deal with excess weight easily, you need to go to bed before midnight and sleep 7-8 hours.

To be healthy and, as a result, beautiful, it is necessary to maintain activity daily. It's no secret that physical activity during the day promotes sound and normal sleep. This can be sports or a simple increase in activity due to the complete or partial refuse to work in an office or use a car, escalator, even a dishwasher or a robot vacuum cleaner. All these conveniences have made the modern human inactive.

By accustoming yourself to morning exercise, movement throughout the day, evening walk and workout, you will feel good and get rid of sleep problems.


Don't forget about nutrition. Lots of fast food, non-natural drinks, semi-finished products, sweets, snacks on the run, dry food - all this affects your health and appearance. A properly organized diet and high-quality natural products will provide the required amount of energy, saturate body with the necessary components, micro- and macroelements. They will allow you to properly organize the work of all body systems and get rid of "unnecessary stores".

Here are some simple rules to help you change your eating behavior.
  • 1. Eat when you really want to.
  • 2. Do not skip main meals (lunch, breakfast, dinner), otherwise you will not be able to fall asleep without a night snack.
  • 3. Minimize the amount of fast food, snacks (chips, crackers, etc.) and sugary drinks.
  • 4. Be sure to include cereals, vegetables, fruits, vegetable fats (oils) and protein (meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, etc.) in your diet.
  • 5. Choose foods and regimen that are comfortable for you.

Elite trainer Lyubov Chernyshova.

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