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06 August

The best movies of International Tourism Film Festival AFRICA to be shown on TV BRICS in Russia

TV BRICS and International Tourism Film Festival AFRICA are arranging a TV premiere of the best tourist films about South Africa. All films are finalists of the International tourism Film festival-Africa organized in media partnership with TV BRICS.

There are 9 films included in the program. The winner of the Grand Prix of the competition - a film that speaks about important environmental and economic aspects of water tourism, “MZANSEA - A celebration of South Africa's 20 new Marine Protected Areas”; winner in the category "Sport and adventure" - extreme video about skydiving “Let's Jump out of a Plane”, as well as a series of films about the cultural and historical heritage of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, the partner of TV BRICS in South Africa, DurbanTV channel –Durban Heritage series, and other works.

All works will be shown for the first time on Russian TV. The films are dubbed by Omsk Television Company.

This year, the International Tourism Film Festival-Africa film competition had five categories: films that present the tourist potential of a city, region or an entire country on the African continent; films that tell about various types of tourism, including agro-tourism, gastronomic, eco-tourism, health and adventure tourism. The jury also evaluated the films dedicated to new services of the modern travel industry: hotel and restaurant business, travel agencies, etc.

In the online-format "Lockdown Edition", the films of the finalists of the festival were shown on the official resources of the International Tourism Film Festival-Africa. The shortlist includes more than 40 best films about traveling on the African continent. Only 15 entries were awarded.

The International Tourism Film Festival-Africa is held on the basis of the non-profit organization Sustainable Tourism Partnership program, a member of the UN World Tourism Organization. It is a partner of The 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP), adopted at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development-2012.

International Tourism Film Festival-Africa is a member of the International Committee of tourism film festivals CIFFT, located in Vienna (Austria). In addition to the South African film festival, the Committee includes about 2 dozens film competitions held by CIFFT in 16 countries. The first tourism film festival was held in November 2019 in Cape town. In 2020 TV BRICS International media network has become the media partner of the International Tourism Film Festival-Africa. The jury of the film review included: Director of the International Committee of tourism film festivals CIFFT Alexander Kammel (Vienna, Austria), presidents of European travel film festivals, top managers of travel companies, as well as the head of the international Department of TV BRICS, Janna Tolstikova.

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