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23 December

The New Development Bank Extends

The New Development Bank Extends
'From 2019 to 2021, the number of new members of the Bank will increase. We hope that UN members and developed countries will join us,' the Vice President of the Bank Sarquis JoséBuainaintold on Sunday.

It was stated at the 15th Chinese International Financial Forum in Shanghai, ria.rureports.
The volume of the projects approved by the New Development Bank will reach 8 billion dollars by the end of 2018. These projects generally concern the development of the sources of clean and renewable energy.

To recap, the agreement on creation of the New Development Bank was signed in July 2014. This is an international financial institution created by the BRICScountries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and SAR). The purpose of its activity is financing infrastructure projects and projects of sustainable development in the BRICS and developing countries. The headquarters of the bank is located in Shanghai. The Bank is generallyengaged in the projects of infrastructure construction and sustainable development.

Russia is the Best of the BRICS Countries according to theIndex of Wellbeing and Economic Development

The Boston Consulting Group has made a country rank according to their well-being. It is headed by Norway. Switzerland is the second, and Iceland is the third, with reference to RossiyskayaGazetareports. Russia has kept the 59th place of 152.

'Over the last ten years, Russia has moved ahead according the majority of criteria, especially in the field of infrastructure and economic stability, but at the same time,health care indicators havedropped down, and it has affected the general result. Still, Russia’s results are better than those of other BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China, South Africa), on the majority of SEDA criteria,' the Senior Partner and the Chairman of BCG Russia VladislavButenkosaid.

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