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04.08.2211:37 Society
TV BRICS International Media Network to premiere "Vmeste-RF" programme in South Africa
12.07.2211:20 Society
TV BRICS restarts broadcasting on COM BRASIL
09.07.2216:46 Society
Russian Creative Week hosted a discussion on partnership alliances in the industry
BRICS Russia
31.12.21 10:50

TV BRICS takes stock of its activities in 2021 in various fields

The results achieved in space exploration, agriculture, tourism and the fight against the pandemic

Fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2021, TV BRICS continued to work on its special project called BRICS AGAINST COVID-19 INFOHUB. The BRICS TV network’s leading partners in China and Brazil – the Russian-language CGTN-RUS TV channel of the China Global Television Network and the Bandeirantes de Comunicação media conglomerate – have joined the information hub for the exchange of press materials on the pandemic.

The information hub activities against the COVID-19 pandemic include the cooperation of BRICS TV with the One People International Movie Festival in South Africa where the international BRICS TV network presented its program on the special screenings of documentaries created by the directors from the BRICS countries on the "new reality" during the pandemic. The BRICS TV program includes "The Lockdown" documentary produced by the Omsk Television Company.

TV BRICS TV news reports on the vaccine production in Russia, vaccination of the country's population, restrictive measures and ways to combat the pandemic were regularly published on the platforms of the BRICS TV network media partners in Brazil, India, China, South Africa, which made it possible to share Russian experience in the fight against coronavirus and the Russian advanced health care technologies with the audience of these five countries in their national languages.

“We are pleased to underline the results of cooperation among the BRICS countries on improving preparedness and response to the pandemic situation,” said the New Delhi Declaration of the XIII BRICS Summit.

Here are some of them:

- Rapid test centres have been established, as was reported by RedeTV!, TV BRICS network’s partner.

- Nasal vaccine has been created, as was reported by Band News, TV BRICS network’s partner.

Space exploration

In 2021, the BRICS TV joint editorial staff produced a short television film about the cooperation and achievements of the BRICS countries in peaceful space exploration. The film was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. 

Five media partners of the BRICS TV network participated in the project called “BRICS Space: Sustainable Development on Earth and Beyond”: Asian News International (India), Moja Media (South Africa), Bandeirantes de Comunicação (Brazil), CGTN (China).

TV BRICS in cooperation with Roscosmos took part in the celebration of the Chinese Cosmonautics Day. Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, went on stage with an exclusive speech. As part of the project, TV BRICS managed to get exclusive interviews with Zhang Keqiang the head of the Chinese National Space Administration, and Marcos Pontis, the first Brazilian astronaut, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil.


TV BRICS develops cooperation with the leading agricultural television channels in Brazil – Agro+ and Terra Viva. TV BRICS broadcasts TV programs in Russia about various agriculture branches and innovations in the agricultural sector on a regular basis.

“Recognizing the importance of agriculture and rural development for the 2030 Agenda implementation, we confirm our commitment to expand agricultural cooperation within the BRICS to ensure food security and promote inclusive rural development,” - the New Delhi Declaration of the XIII BRICS Summit.

TV BRICS is developing its partnership with the Russia-South Africa Business Council and the Agriculture and Fruit Exporters Sector in particular.

TV BRICS provides media support to the Global Impact Conference.

TV BRICS covers topics related to Russia's developments in alternative energy sources on a regular basis. TV BRICS TV reports on this topic consistently generate interest among the audience of the BRICS TV media partners in five BRICS countries. BRICS TV journalists talk about how solar batteries are produced in Russia and where they are used in the Brazilian TV news on the Bandeirantes channel, the network's partner.

Tourism development

TV BRICS pays special attention to the tourism promotion, including the presentation of Russia's tourism opportunities at the international level. In 2021, TV BRICS continued to work on "The Checklist" project in collaboration with Rosturizm. The program has been translated into the languages of the BRICS countries.

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04.08.2211:37 Society
TV BRICS International Media Network to premiere "Vmeste-RF" programme in South Africa
12.07.2211:20 Society
TV BRICS restarts broadcasting on COM BRASIL
09.07.2216:46 Society
Russian Creative Week hosted a discussion on partnership alliances in the industry
08.07.2215:42 Society
TV BRICS will host a workshop at "Russian Creative Week"
08.07.2209:40 Society
TV BRICS and Janhit Times sign memorandum to start joint cooperation
07.07.2213:22 Society
Russian Creative Week includes a discussion on industry partnerships