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Cup Cake

Vinusha, Chief Baking Officer: "Today I am going to make Jam filled Cup Cake".


First, I am going to add three Eggs and beat it well. Next, I am going to add 125 grams of Sugar to it, beat it well.

I beaten the Eggs and Sugar it came out Nice and fluffy. Now I am going to add same ratio of all-purpose Flour, for this all-purpose Flour I added a pinch of Vanilla extract powder and Baking Powder.

You can also use Vanilla essence instead of Vanilla extract powder.

I beat the Flour. Now I am going to 50 milli litre of Oil. Now the Batter is ready.

I am going to pour the Batter in to the Cup Cake Tin. Just tap it so that the air bubbles release. Bake it in Oven for 180°C for 10-15 minutes, insert a toothpick and see if it comes out clean then your Cup Cakes are ready.

So, the cakes are ready, now we are going to fill the Jam. There are two ways to fill the jam. You can cut the Cup Cake using nozzle and just fill the Jam with the piping bag or else you can just spread the Jam on top of the Cup Cake.

I am just spreading on top, I love spreading it. So, I spread the Jam on top of the Cup Cake and its looks so awesome.

Kids would love this recipe; I hope you like watching this video and just try this recipe at your home. Will meet in the next video till then bye from Vinusha MK.