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Vaccination of elderly people at home

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Elderly residents of Moscow, who cannot leave their households for health reasons, can take the chance to be vaccinated with Sputnik V. Special mobile teams have been formed for them.

People react on it two ways – with an increase in temperature up to 38 degrees during the first three days after vaccination. And with redness and swelling at the injection site up to three days.

First of all, those people who receive social services at home and those immobile can get vaccinated. There are about 120 thousand of them in Moscow. They do not have to apply for vaccination at home - all information about people with limited mobility receiving in-home care services will be transferred to polyclinics by the social protection authorities.

Margarita Shonia social carer: “I visit my people under care regularly, twice a week, sometimes more often. I always ask them about their health. They always have my phone number, they can call it at any time, day or night, any day, even on weekends. I also call them now and then, asking about their health. This is no problem.”

Those who want to be vaccinated will be visited by a medical team at the agreed time and get their shots. For this, 66 brigades have been formed. They include doctors and nurses from Moscow city polyclinics. Sputnik V will be delivered frozen to 18 degrees below zero in a special container.

Natalya Skripnik pensioner: “Now we are vaccinated, we will not infect anyone, and we will not become infected, we hope we won’t get sick. Thank you very much!”

Alexander Kononov, TV BRICS.

Video provided by the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection