22 August

Brazilians Will Be able to Pay for Public Transport Services with Cryptocurrency

Brazilians Will Be able to Pay for Public Transport Services with Cryptocurrency

In 2019, the residents of Brazilian city Fortaleza will be given an opportunity to pay for public transport services with bitcoins, reports the correspondent with the reference to Cryptopolitan.

According to the Cooperative of Autonomous Passenger Carriers of the State of Ceará (COOTRAPS), people will be able to pay for their trips with cryptocurrency using a QR code in a special application. At the moment, this application allows to use credit or debit cards for payment.

Today, only bitcoins are under consideration, but in future, the authorities consider the possibility to add other cryptocurrencies. However, it is not disclosed which ones yet.

According to the COOTRAPS CFO Carlos Roberio, this kind of payment will help to reduce bureaucracy, making the system easier for users.

It is not the first case in Brazil when inhabitants can use bitcoins in their daily life. At the end of last year, a supermarket chain in Rio de Janeiro began to accept cryptocurrencies for payment.

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