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Иконка с часами 14 minutes 2 sec.
Ambassador of Ethiopia to Russia Uriat Cham Ugala/ “Joining BRICS is a growth opportunity for Ethiopia”
Иконка с часами 20 minutes 11 sec.
Douw Vermaak/ «Relations between Russia and South Africa are getting stronger»
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Anthony Phiri, Harare Institute of Technology/"The world needs to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions"
18.04.2411:18 Culture
Young actors from BRICS+ countries to undergo training at one of the best theatre universities in Russia
11.04.2417:12 Economics
UAE joins media co-operation with BRICS countries through TV BRICS network
05.04.2415:17 Economics
TV BRICS to promote Cuba's co-operation with BRICS+ countries in the film industry
26.03.24 10:30

India aims for 30 per cent of all cars sold to be electric by 2030

Sales of alternative fuel vehicles recorded an increase of more than 400 per cent in calendar year 2023 compared to 2020

Electric vehicles in India now have the lowest cost of operation, followed by CNG vehicles. Government incentives, falling battery costs and rising prices of traditional fuels are contributing to the increase in demand for electric vehicles. India plans that by 2030, 30 per cent of all cars sold will be electric.

To support the increase in the number of charging stations, the Indian government is taking steps such as providing subsidies and grants to develop alternative fuels infrastructure. This is reported by ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.

Despite the high initial cost, electric vehicles are becoming more competitive on the back of low fuel and maintenance costs and government support.

Experts say that the car market in India is in a period of change, where electric and CNG vehicles are competing with traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. The future of the industry will be influenced by factors such as government policies, technological innovations and consumer preferences.

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20.04.2409:05 Technology
Cuban representatives sign contracts with e-commerce platform from China
18.04.2414:17 Technology
BRICS countries to establish registry of contact points for sharing information on computer attacks
18.04.2411:45 Technology
UN urges African countries to seize opportunities in battery and electric vehicle sector
15.04.2408:31 Technology
China's core AI industry to reach about US$79,92 billion this year
12.04.2412:56 Technology
Transponder satellite for China's lunar programme completes orbital testing
12.04.2412:56 Technology
Space development in BRICS countries
19.04.2411:18 Personalities
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov: BRICS moves forward, creating important precedent
17.04.2415:35 Personalities
President of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin: experts expect BRICS to account for 90 per cent of global GDP by 2050
12.04.2414:17 Society
Patricia Villegas Marin, President of teleSUR, one of the largest agencies in Latin America: BRICS is hope
and to the point
Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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