28 October

A Robot Copy of Einstein Designed in Russia

A Robot Copy of Einstein Designed in Russia

A robot looking like Albert Einstein has been manufactured in Russia. According to its designers, the double of the famous physicist can not only move eyes, eyebrows, lips and a neck, but also and to keep up a conversation, a correspondent reports with the reference to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The "face" of the human-like robot looks rather realistic due to the special technology of artificial skin creation. Besides, the android can reproduce more than 600 options of human facial expressions.


However, not only appearance matters. Einstein speaks nine languages – from Russian to Arab, and even imitates the speech of the scientist. For this purpose, the developers created a neuronet on the basis of the physicist’s speech.

They expect the robot to gain popularity at exhibitions, forums and conferences where it will offer consultations to guests and answer questions.

To recap, the Perm company Promobot presented a human-like robot partner in April 2019. They spent one and a half years and 6.5 million rubles on designing it. Here, robots are made with an individual face or according to the developer’s ready-to-use templates.

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