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27 January 2022 13:23

Living in the São Paulo metropolitan area has increased in price by 10.00% in 2021

Living in the São Paulo metropolitan area has increased in price by 10.00% in 2021

According to a study by Fecomércio-SP, in 2021, the cost of living in the São Paulo metropolitan area rose by an average of 10.02%. The survey also showed that the cost of living increased more for poorer. This has been reported by TV CULTURA, a partner of the TV BRICS network.

The average increase was the highest since 2015, when the cost of living in the region rose by 11.56%. People living in different places and belonging to different social groups saw different effects.

For example, for class E this increase was 11.38%. The main reason for this change was that the poorest residents of San Paolo spend about 70% of their budget on food, transportation, and housing. While the richest group spend only 60%.

In 2021, inflation recorded by the National Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) was 10.06%.

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