26 April

TV BRICS is to present special screenings of documentary films from the "five" countries at the One People International Film Festival

TV BRICS is to present special screenings of documentary films from the "five" countries at the One People International Film Festival

On April 28, the first ever “One People International Film Festival” (OPIFF) starts in Cape Town (South Africa). You can watch the films selected for the program until May 1. The main screenings of the festival will be taking place at Nu Metro cinema, as well as on the online platform.

More than 50 films of various genres from all over the world were selected for the screening. The festival will feature screenings of such world-famous feature films as "Dear Comrades "(directed by A. Konchalovsky) and "Another round" (directed by T. Vinterberg).

The film screening program will feature documentaries from the BRICS countries. The filmmakers of 9 non-fiction films from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will share stories about the indigenous peoples of their countries and the fight against the pandemic.

The screenings of short films dedicated to the "new reality" of the COVID-19 pandemic will open The One People International Film Festival. This category will feature 2 films by Indian film director Kaga "Meela Magizhvu | Everlasting Happiness" and "144-Innuyir Kaakka". Both films are based on the real situation in the South Indian city of Chennai, which arose during the lockdown imposed in the country in connection with the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection.

The international premiere of the "Lockdown" documentary film produced by the Omsk Television Company which tells how the pandemic has changed the world cultural landscape, what impact it has had on the creative industries in the world, will take place within the framework of this category. The program will start at Nu Metro Cinema at 11:00.

Screenings of the special category of the festival "Indigenous Peoples of the World" will start on April 29 at 14: 00. Brazilian director Jefferson Sousa will present a film about an illiterate poet from the state of Pernambuco, Pedro Tenorio, who belongs to the indigenous "Kapinawá's" Indians. The documentalist tells us about the life of a rare people who have always been isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. The films "The Last Fair" by Brazilian directors: Thiago Barros and Tharciele Santiago, "The Khoekhoe Saga" by South African journalist Johann Abrahams will continue the program.


The Chinese TV company CDRTV of Sichuan Province will offer viewers a documentary film by Zee Peng "A mindful trip around Chengdu” about the place and meaning of the unique Chinese poetry of ancient times in our days.

The program of screenings dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the world includes a film by Russian documentary filmmaker Andrey Titov from the "Lakes of Russia" series about Lake Baskunchak.

The author tells us not only about the land around the lake, which holds evidence of the presence of the Scythians, Sarmatians, Khazar Khaganate and the Golden Horde, but also about the people living in these places today.

The screenings of the “Fighting against the Pandemic" special program will continue the One People International Film Festival. It will feature 3 Chinese-made films from Guangxi Radio and TV and Chengdu Radio&Television (TV BRICS partner in China). On April 30, viewers will be able to watch a film which tells how hospitals are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic (A hospital's battle against COVID-19), about the experience of foreign families in Chengdu living under lockdown (International families during the Pandemic), and about the work of volunteers during the lockdown in Sichuan province in 2020 (International Volunteer during the Pandemic).

All screenings will also be held on the festival's online platform. Each viewer will be able to plan their own schedule of screenings and watch the festival films from the comfort of their home, from anywhere in the world. The program can be found on the festival's website

OPIFF was founded in 2020. The festival is organized by the Moja Media holding (TV BRICS partner in South Africa). TV BRICS international media network provides media support to the festival. TV BRICS regularly presents programs of special screenings of films produced in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa at international film festivals.


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