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06 November

TV BRICS Started Broadcasting Its Programs on the African Continent on a Permanent Basis

TV BRICS Started Broadcasting Its Programs on the African Continent on a Permanent Basis

The broadcast of the unique content of TV BRICS International Media Network was launched on the TV channels, members of the South African media holding MOJA MEDIA, on November 5, 2019. Materials in English will be available to the audience of the largest international TV channels of the South African Republic and Latin America weekly on a permanent basis.

The memorandum on cooperation between the MKR-MEDIA holding, TV BRICS International Media Network being its flagship project, and the South African company MOJA MEDIA was signed in September 2018. MOJA MEDIA unites several independent TV channels, including BRICS Channel, Roots TV, and Tele SUR– the largest television network of Latin America and more than 20 African countries. Within the signed memorandum, media holdings reached agreement on mutual exchange of content between the Russian channel TV BRICS and the South African BRICS Channel.

Due to the fastest implementation of partnership agreements, from now on, the TV audience of South Africa and the whole African continent will be able to watch the unique original content of TV BRICS International Media Network and to get to know the peculiarities of multifaceted cultures of Brazil, Russia, India and China, entering into the spirit of friendship and cooperation of the nations. Such global solutions are designed to promote acceleration of processes of mutual information integration of the BRICS countries, creation of the common information space for the peoples of the participating countries, as well as systematic development of the Russian - African cooperation as a whole.

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