30 September

Brazil Has Been Named the Most Optimistic Country

Brazil Has Been Named the Most Optimistic Country

Brazilians is the most optimistic nation. It was testified by the results of the Global Optimism Outlook Survey commissioned by the organizers of Expo 2020, which will take place in Dubai, a correspondent reports, with the reference to Kommersant.

Sociologists interviewed more than 20 thousand people from 23 countries selected according to their region, gender, employment, income, and marital status. It turned out that 56% of the people of Earth classify themselves as optimists. The most optimistic continent is South America (74%), and the residents of Australia (45%) are least optimistic.

The largest number of optimists – 76% – live in Brazil. The first five also includes Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, and Jordan. Russia is also among the leaders – on the sixth place. 65% of Russians called themselves optimists.

South Africa is not far from Russia, i.e. on the eighth place of the rating. China runs the eleventh, with 62% of optimistic people. However, the glass is still half empty for most Indians. 48% of the population have named themselves optimists. The smallest quantity of optimists lives in Japan (35%).

The research has shown that the level of optimism depends on gender. Among men, this indicator is 8% higher than among women (70% and 62% respectively). At the same time, the survey has not shown the connection between optimistic spirit and marital status or income level.

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