Ask yourself: what do you know about India? Yoga, Goa, jungles. "The same deep waters as you" and the treasures of Agra, Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhi and Jawaharlar Nehru. Bollywood, Disco Dancer, Raj Kumar and Aishwarya Rai it's much more than that!

  • 3,2
    million square kilometers
  • 1316
    million of residents
  • 7,2
    billion $ of GDP
New Delhi
The orange color of the flag indicates spirituality, white is for peace, green is for fertility, and the wheel with 24 spokes is for spirituality
Coat of arms
It symbolizes a nation that is "courageous, strong in the body, prudent in advice and frightening opponents". Below is the motto: "Truth Alone Triumphs"
Janaganamana ( "The soul of the people"), words and music were written in 1911 by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Duration 52 seconds


India is the largest state in South Asia.

It is the seventh largest country in the world by area (3 287 263 km²) and the second most populous. Today more than 1 billion 340 million people live in the republic. On average, one baby is born every two seconds. The most multinational and densely populated city in India is Mumbai.

It is correct to call the citizens of this country "Indians" and not "Hindus", as many people think. "Hindus" is a religious term, it means adherents of Hinduism.

The capital of the country is New Delhi. Official languages ​​are Hindi and English.

The current Constitution of India, one of the longest in the world, entered into force in 1950 and proclaimed the establishment of a sovereign socialist secular democratic parliamentary Republic. The head of the state is the President: he is elected every 5 years by the electoral college. Today, India - it is the national capital district of Delhi, 6 union territories and 29 states. The head of each is a governor appointed by the President.

The economy of India in 2018 has been recognized as the fastest growing in the world. The highest indicators are in the IT sector, the air transportation market, the pharmaceutical industry, the jewelry industry and the tourism industry. Main export product groups of India:

  • - mineral fuel, oil products, iron ore, steel
  • - engineering products
  • - IT services
  • - precious stones and metals
  • - pharmaceutical product
  • - textile
  • - tea, spices, rice

The national currency of India is the Rupee (100 paise). The obverse of all banknotes depicts a portrait of the famous politician and public figure Mahatma Gandhi. The design of the reverse varies depending on the denomination of the bill. For example, on the reverse side of a banknote of 10 rupees you can see a rhinoceros, an elephant and a tiger, and 100 rupees are decorated with the landscape of the Kanchenjunga mountain range - the third highest in the world.

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