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ASEAN and the “Territory of Strategic Partnership”

The relations between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was discussed by the members of the business dialogue between the organizations. Experts say there are more and more perspective spheres for cooperation, including the development of hi-tech, agriculture, food production, as well as digital economy and information-communication projects. To further strengthen their interaction, the “Russia-ASEAN” business council has proposed giving Associated countries the title of “Territory of Strategic Partnership”.

Ilya Polyakov, chairman of the “Russia-ASEAN” business council:

The goal of these proposals is to unite the existing infrastructure into industrial parks of sorts, like the advanced development territories in Russia and the Far East, into a unified complex, a single system that will interact within itself, and to strengthen it through various infrastructure options.

Corr: The business dialogue took place for the second time at the St. Petersburg international economic forum. An agreement of cooperation between the Roscongress Foundation and the “Russia-ASEAN” business councilwas also signed there.