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Durban has more. Umgeni steam railway

Durban has a long and colorful historical heritage. The city’s center itself is a fine example of Durban’s original architecture. And the old Court House, now a museum itself, provides a glimpse into these early days and shows how Durban developed as a major trade port.

The importance of the city as a major port actually brought the industrial revolution to South Africa, as Durban was the first city to build a railway. Museum serves to remind and tell many stories about historical heritage. There is only one place where you can really experience this heritage. And that’s aboard the Umgeni steam railway.

Umgeni steam railway was established back in 1982 because the local heritage in terms of our railways was being lost. And so the Umgani steam railway was established to try and save of that heritage.

Umgeni steam railway now currently operate trains on. Durban, as many people will know, was the origin of railways in Sub-Saharan Africa.