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Russian stars cooking Chinese cuisine on TV BRICS. Season 2: pork in garlic and pepper sauce

The chef of a Chinese restaurant in Moscow, Liu Jirong, and the host Tasha Belaya will teach you how to cook pork in garlic and pepper sauce! And the actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Kabak helps them in this.

pork tenderloin - 300 grams
wood mushroom - 20 grams
carrots - 50 grams
cilantro - 20 grams
bell pepper - 150 grams
culinary wine - 40 grams
white sugar - 40 grams
fresh light soy sauce - 15 grams
thick dark soy sauce - 5 grams
doubanjiang sauce-30 grams
garlic-20 grams, egg - one piece
dry chicken broth (powder) - 3 grams
hot and sweet sauce for chicken - 30 grams
starch-30 grams
salad oil-100 grams