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Sakhalin. "Checklist"

Now even the most avid tourists are forced to suspend their travels and take a break, staying at home. During quarantine and self-isolation, we - the TV BRICS International Network together with the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation (Rosturizm) and the travel service – offer to go on a safe virtual tour.

For this we have created a large-scale project "Checklist".

85 regions of immense Russia will be shown to you by the host, travel blogger Misha Ronkainen.

In the first episode of the show, Misha will go to Sakhalin Island. The "traveler" will check whether it is possible to experience a unique experience here and touch the traditions of local residents, what budget is required for such a trip, and most importantly, whether it is possible to take juicy photos on Sakhalin and get a lot of likes on social networks.