18 October

Russian Analog Television Has Become History

Russian Analog Television Has Become History

On Monday, October 14, Russia switched over to digital television. Russian astronaut Alexander Skvortsov onboard the International Space Station symbolically pressed a button, which was a signal to the shutdown of analog on-air broadcasting of federal TV channels in 21 Russian regions, a correspondent reports with the reference to RIA Novosti.

"I send regards from space on this important day. Right from here, I see clearly our planet and our country! <...> Today I have an important mission: to declare the end of Russia’ transition to digital television. Just a few moments later, all our country will be "digitalized", RIA Novosti quote the astronaut’s words.

To recap, the process of transition from analog to digital radio telecasting in Russia began in February 2019 and continued in April and June. Shutdown of analog broadcasting in 21 regions was the fourth and the final stage of this large-scale project. Now residents of all constituent territories will be able to watch 20 federal TV channels in high quality, without paying for it.

167.5 billion rubles, including 97.1 billion from budgetary funds, were allocated for the program. According to the CEO of the Russian Television and Broadcasting Network Andrey Romanchenko, creation of land infrastructure for the country’s transition to digital telecasting demanded 80 billion rubles.

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