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BRICS Новости мира
22 November 2021 11:47

TV BRICS participates in the 4th World Media Summit

TV BRICS participates in the 4th World Media Summit

WMS is devoted to promoting cooperation and development among media organisations. The event is held online with the support of Xinhua News Agency, a partner of TV BRICS.

More than 200 speakers, including presidents of publishing groups, editors from media centres from China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and other countries take part in the summit and discuss Media Growth Strategy under the Impact of COVID-19.

The World Media Summit (WMS) was jointly launched by a group of globally renowned media organizations in 2009, including Xinhua News Agency (China), the Associated Press (United States), Reuters (United Kingdom), TASS (Russia) and Kyodo News (Japan). 

The main speakers of the plenary session of the summit are:

He Ping - President of Xinhua News Agency

Fabrice Fries- Chairman and CEO of Agence France-Presse

Daisy Veerasingham- Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Associated Press

Narasimhan Ram - Director of the Hindu Publishing Group

Toru Mizutani- President and Editor-in-Chief of Kyodo News

Sue Brooks - Managing Director, Product Development & Agency Strategy of Reuters News Agency

Mikhail Petrov - Deputy Director General and Editor-in-Chief of TASS Russian News Agency

Marcelo Benez - Executive Commercial Director of Folha de S.Paulo

Iqbal Surve - Executive Chairman of Independent Media of SA

Yan Xiaoming - Vice President of China Media Group

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