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29 July

TV BRICS to present the documentary about Mahatma Gandhi’s place in South Africa, filmed during the quarantine

TV BRICS to present the documentary about Mahatma Gandhi’s place  in South Africa, filmed during the quarantine

The documentary "Know your Durban " by DUrbanTV, a partner of the international media network TV BRICS, filmed during the quarantine, will be shown in Russia for the first time on July 31.

TV BRICS will broadcast a TV premiere of the South African documentary "Know your Durban". The film was shot entirely during the lockdown, which was introduced in South Africa due to the spread of coronavirus infection. The shooting was supported by Durban Tourism to encourage local tourism amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The film will present to viewers a place in rural Inanda that is associated with the name of the great Indian thinker - Mahatma Gandhi, who lived in South Africa for more than 20 years (from 1893 to 1914). Here he developed his early philosophical ideas about the non-violent fight for independence, for which he was recognized as a fighter for world peace. Today, the prominent Indian politician Mahatma Gandhi ranks second in the list of outstanding South Africans, second only to Nelson Mandela, without being a native of South Africa.

The DurbanTV crew worked in compliance with all security measures. Many locations in the documentary look as if they were specifically closed for filming. Some of the locations selected for the documentary had already been closed for 3 months by the time of filming.

The film will tell viewers about the architectural attractions of Durban, the mix of styles and cultures in the urban landscape, folk crafts, art, and the history of the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

«Covid-19 created an unusual setting for filming of 'Hidden Gems' as we are so used to the city and especially our beachfront promenade areas being crowded with locals and holiday-makers. So, there was definitely a quieter atmosphere. On the other hand, it gave us wonderful filming opportunities around the city which would have otherwise been made more difficult had there been the usual crowds and traffic to work around. However, some had been closed for 3 months so we had to avoid some overgrown areas and make sure we found the best filming angles. Everyone involved was extremely pleased to have a film crew at their venue, especially when we explained it was to encourage tourism and specifically locals to rediscover Durban for themselves.» - Doreen Theys, Founder/Executive Producer DUrbanTV.

The broadcast of the film with Russian voice over will take place on July 31st at 17:00 on the TV BRICS channel in the Rostelecom network and on July 31 at 17: 15 within the TV BRICS block on the “Prodvizhenie” channel in Russia.

"Know your Durban" in English is also available on:

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