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07:40 My India

My India

My India

“My India” program tells the story of the origins of the Indian society traditions and shows how the...





We are making reports on the most important events from the scene, from exhibitions and premieres, f...

My India


06.08.2217:28 Society
Indian Parliament passes National Anti-Doping Bill
06.08.2214:19 Economics
China's ports see steady throughput growth in July
06.08.2210:22 Society
Brazilian Navy saves 292 people at sea in 2022
11.11.21 13:42

"Dostoevsky Intercontinental." A documentary by the joint editorial team of TV BRICS

Dostoevsky intercontinental" film by TV BRICS joint editorial office is intended to show the relevance of the classic's figure, his work and philosophical heritage for international community, as well as to draw the audience's attention to the national accents in interpretation of his philosophy in India, Brazil, South Africa, China and Russia. 

Companies participating in creating the "Dostoevsky Intercontinental" film are - CGTN-RUS (China Global Television Network); Grupo Bandeirantes De Comunicação (Brazil); MOJA MEDIA holding (South Africa); Malai Murasu TV regional television company (India) and Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai (India). The Russian partner in the production of the film is the "Prodvizhenie" TV channel. 

Famous experts of Fyodor Dostoevsky's works, as well as actors and directors from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa took part in the filming. Kamal Haasan, a popular Indian director, author of more than 130 feature films, winner of 4 national film awards and a prize for Best Actor in Bollywood, gave an exclusive interview for the film. Among those taking part in the filming were - Chris Thurman, Professor of the Department of English and Director of the School of Literature, Linguistics and Media at the University of the Witwatersrand. 

Bai Wenchang, Rector of the Heilongjiang Institute of Foreign Languages, Director of the Chinese Society of Russian Literature, Deputy Director of the SCO Russian Translation Center; Paulo Azevedo Bezerra, literary critic, professor, author of translations of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's works into Portuguese, as well as others.  

The authors of the film "Dostoevsky Intercontinental" will put special emphasis on the role of Fyodor Dostoevsky's works in the study of Russian as a foreign language. Tamara Skok, Ph.D. in Philology, head of the "Modern Russian" project, MKR-Media director of the Department of Innovative Linguistic Projects, is act as an expert in the film. 

“This year the world celebrates Fyodor Dostoevsky's 200th anniversary. Dostoevsky’s figure truly unites the countries. When we turned with our idea to the TV BRICS network partners in the countries of the "five", we immediately received a vivacious response: the editorial offices of foreign media were happy to join in the collective development of the topic. Dostoevsky, as a phenomenon, turned out to be close to our foreign colleagues, and most importantly, the foreign media audiences were interested in him. We hope that by joining our efforts, we will be able to demonstrate the TV BRICS network capabilities for the development of international content co-production and its systematic, integrated promotion on media platforms in different countries.” said Janna Tolstikova, the author of the idea, TV BRICS Deputy General Director for International Cooperation. 

Dostoevsky Intercontinental" film has become the best film at the the IV Innovative International Film Festival in the documentary category, which took place in India, in Bangalore. 

"Dostoevsky Intercontinental" film awarded  with the festival's Grand Prix", at the I International Film Festival  “Rendezvous with Russia. Territory of National Unity".

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02.08.2211:29 Society
An Indian chemist has obtained biodiesel from vegetable oil
27.07.2213:10 Society
Volunteers cleaned up the Dal Lake in India
26.07.2217:21 Society
Celebrities from the Middle East visited the space pavilion at VDNKh
25.07.2214:20 Society
Conservation of Atlantic salmon in Russia
22.07.2212:28 Society
“Strong ideas for a new time" forum held in Moscow
19.07.2214:01 Society
Muscovites learn new rhythms in African Drum School