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Russia BRICS
13.06.24 09:05

Egypt, Iran and UAE join Memorandum of Understanding on establishment of BRICS Network University

This took place at a meeting of BRICS education ministers

An enlarged meeting of BRICS education ministers was held in Kazan under the chairmanship of Valery Falkov, Head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The meeting was attended by the Ministers of Education of the UAE, Egypt, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of China, Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Education of Iran, as well as delegates from India, South Africa and Brazil.

Falkov thanked his foreign colleagues for their work in science and education and welcomed the new partners – Egypt, Iran and the UAE. He noted the historical significance of the new countries' participation in BRICS and emphasised the importance of their accession. This is reported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

"In the year of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship, we continue our course of increasing the pace of interaction, implementing ongoing projects and launching new initiatives. The steps we take today will be the basis for future achievements"

Valery Falkov Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia

The meeting reached agreements to expand the BRICS Network University, establish a working group on mutual recognition of qualifications, strengthen work on eco-climatic literacy of students and organise a pilot Olympiad. They also supported the idea of creating their own university ranking system.

The meeting resulted in the signing of a declaration and a protocol on the accession of new countries to the BRICS Network University Memorandum. All decisions and initiatives are aimed at improving education in the BRICS countries.

Photo: iStock

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Participants of the 3rd BRICS Postgraduate Forum in Brazil discuss the development strategies of the countries of the Global South
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Scientists from Russian University develop innovative type of sweetener
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Saudi University launches education hackathon
27.06.2418:31 Education
Professors from Zimbabwe and Namibia participate in Russian language intensives at university in Kaliningrad
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Once a week we will cover news in the BRICS countries
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