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16 November

TV BRICS to start broadcasting its own content in the mobile app of China's largest TV news network – Xinhua

TV BRICS to start broadcasting its own content in the mobile app of China's largest TV news network – Xinhua

TV BRICS starts broadcasting its own content through the mobile app of the Chinese TV news network China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC). Original TV BRICS programs will form a special "image of BRICS" section of the CNC VIDEO app in Chinese.

The launch of its own TV BRICS section on the CNC VIDEO platform will expand the audience for both media outlets. TV BRICS projects in Chinese will be seen by millions of viewers of China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC), and will also help attract new users interested in high-quality video content that tells about the BRICS-countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC) TV news network is part of China's state-run Xinhua news Agency. Since 2017, TV BRICS has been a partner of the Xinhua news Agency. The CNC VIDEO app combines the main news of China and the international news, as well as its own formats of TV programs, movies produced by the CNC-channel.

TV BRICS starts broadcasting through the mobile app CNC VIDEO with the project "Countdown", dedicated to the objects and phenomena of the lifestyle of the Soviet era. From November 12, content is available on the CNC VIDEO platform in the "BRICS Image" section.

Earlier, as part of the partnership, TV BRICS launched a special series by CNC "Seasons of China" in Russia.

China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC) is a TV news network run by Xinhua News Agency targeting overseas audiences. Stationed in over 170 countries and regions, CNC’s correspondents stand ready to offer an alternative perspective and a new vision on global events through live reporting, news analysis and background information.

TV BRICS is a multimedia platform uniting a channel with its own broadcasting, a broadcasting block under the TV BRICS brand on partner channels, including foreign ones, and an editorial board of the internet media. TV BRICS is a joint editorial board of international media working in 5 BRICS countries and preparing materials in four languages – Russian, English, Chinese, and Portuguese.

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