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Vinusha, Chief Baking Officer: "Today I am going to make Samosa, let us Begin".


For Onion Samosa first we are going to make a Dough.

For the Dough, I am adding 150grams of Maida, one pinch of Salt and I mix it well and create a small hole in between. Now I am going to add some Water to form a Dough.

I made this Dough into a nice round ball; I am going to add little bit of Oil on top of it and apply it on all the sides. Leave it to rest for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes I have rolled the Dough in to small balls, I just add some Maida to it and I roll the Dough in to a Round shape. I rolled the Dough nice and thin, Remaining balls also you must roll like this.

I have kept the Pan on the stove, it is nice and hot. Iam going to keep Samosa sheet and cook the Samosa sheet both sides for few minutes. I cooked the Samosa sheet both sides and going to transfer into the plate.

I shallow cook the Samosa sheet; Now I am going to cut them in rectangular shape.

Cut all the sheet in same manner, I cut all the Samosa sheet in the same shape and now Iam going to prepare the filling for the Samosa.

For the filing, I am going to make onion filling. For that I have chopped One Onionin, One Green Chilly, I am going to mix it well.

Now I am going to add the Masala - ½ tsp of Red Chili Powder, ½ tsp of Garam Masala, little bit of Turmeric Powder and mix it well. Next, I am going to add Salt for taste, finally I am adding chopped Coriander, Now the filling is ready.

Now I am going to transfer the fillings into Samosa Sheet, for sticking the Samosa Iam going to make Maida Paste. I have some Maida; I am going to add water to it and mix it well. Now the Maida paste is ready.

Now let us begin, I am going to do the folding; first shape into rectangle, leave it few strands away and spread the Maida paste. Fold it this side and turn it close this side.

Now we formed a cone, keep the filling in it and take some Maida paste and stick it over. So, this is how we do the filling, like that we have to do all the samosa.

I have a Pan placed on the stove, pour some Oil in to the Pan and going to deep fry the Samosa. I medium flame we have are going to fry the Samosa on both sides.

Now I am going to Transfer the Samosa into the plate. Onion Samosa is ready.

Kids love them a lot and I love this restaurant style Onion Samosa.

I hope you like this recipe, Thank you.