South Africa has the most developed economy on the continent. This is the only African country in the G20.
  • 1,22
    million square kilometers
  • 55,91
  • 505,2
    billion dollars of GDP
The official state symbol
Coat of arms
The official state symbol
The official state symbol


South Africa is located in the south of the continent, between the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. The country is surrounded by the savannah of Kalahari, the Namib desert, the eastern coast with a tropical climate, the south-west with a climate close to the Mediterranean, ideal for cultivating vineyards. Natural forests occupy only 0.14% of the country's territory.

South Africa it's natural parks, the richest flora and fauna, as well as modern cities and high-grade infrastructure.

South Africa is a multiethnic country there are representatives of many African nationalities including immigrants from Europe, India, and Asia. The largest Indian community outside of India lives on the east coast of South Africa in Durban.

South Africa has the most developed economy on the continent. This is the only African country in the G20. South Africa imports oil, food, chemical goods; The main exports are manganese, diamonds, gold, platinum, engineering products. It is worth mentioning the wine industry in South Africa which is the eighth largest in the world. South-west of South Africa gives a wonderful climate for winemaking and the first wine here was produced in 1659.

secular state where people of different religions and belief systems live, including Orthodox Diocese.

After the victory over the apartheid regime, the development of South Africa's international relations is proceeding very rapidly. So, after the establishment of diplomatic relations with China, trade with China grew from $ 3 billion in 1998 to $ 60 billion in 2012. The state takes part in such international organizations as the UNG20 and the BRICS.

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