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Children – Heroes with Big Hearts

Each of these little Russians has a big heart. Fearlessness, unindifference, and helpfulness. Nikita Kazachenkois only ten years old, but they call him a "true man” in his town of Vyazma. In the night when terrible fire burst out, he woke up his brothers and took out his nine months old sister Anya from fire.

Dima Leontyev saved his friend who grasped bare electric wires. The hero was also injured, but he doesn’t say a word about it. In the extreme situation, he thought of himself least of all.

Little heroes are rewarded in the Federation Council for the fifth year in a row. But every time, heroic stories give listeners the creeps. How children, risking their own lives, saved other children and adults, relatives, friends, and complete strangers.

Due to their courage, someone did not drown, someone did not die in the fire, and someone survived a road accident. Each of these twenty daredevils has become someone’s "guardian angel". In total this year, the Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament Valentina Matviyenko directed two hundred fifty rewards to the Russian regions.