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Tunisian companies gain new opportunities in the Niger market

A new step in Tunisia-Niger cooperation

Tunisian companies were encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Niger market, especially in key sectors such as agriculture, energy, water, healthcare, and real estate. This was reported by Tunis Afrique Presse, a partner of TV BRICS.

Speaking at the Niger-Tunisia Business Forum held in Niamey on May 6, Jamel Ksibi, president of the National Federation of Construction and Public Works Contractors, part of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade, and Handicrafts (UTICA), expressed the desire of Tunisian businessmen, especially young entrepreneurs, to invest in Niger and create projects in agriculture, health, construction, and public works (BTP).

For his part, Niger's Minister of Trade and Industry, Seydou Asman, noted that the government of Niger intends to encourage the promotion and development of partnerships between Nigerian businessmen and their Tunisian counterparts in order to realise commercial opportunities and conclude contracts, as well as the implementation of industrial projects.

He emphasised that the two primary challenges facing the private sector are the vast employment of youth and the generation of substantial private resources for the advancement of fundamental infrastructure in the areas of economics, healthcare, energy, hydraulics, hospitality, education, and access in the field of communication and information technology.

Seydou Asman extended an invitation to Tunisian businesses to avail themselves of the investment prospects in Niger in all domains of endeavour, with the aim of forging a win-win alliance between the two nations.

He pointed out that Niger, situated at the intersection of North and Sub-Saharan Africa, holds a strategic position in Africa.

For his part, Moussa Sidi Mohamed, President of the Niger Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Handicrafts, called on Tunisian companies to invest in Niger with confidence, saying that Niger's business leaders are striving to establish a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership.

"Niger's regulatory framework is conducive to investment and offers a wide range of opportunities," he added.

More than thirty Tunisian companies are participating in a business mission to Niamey, Niger, from May 4 to 9, 2024, at the initiative of the National Chamber of Export Consultants (UTICA) and the Tunisia-Niger Development Economic Interest Group (GIE Tunisie Niger Développement), in collaboration with the Niger Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The principal aim of this commercial mission is to enhance the market share of Nigerian and Tunisian products in Niger and Tunisia while also promoting expert exchanges between the two nations.

Photo: iStock

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