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06 May

TV BRICS and World Humanitarian Drive call for entries to “GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD”

TV BRICS and World Humanitarian Drive call for entries to “GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD”

International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)”, a partner of TV BRICS, presents new project devoted to honouring those unsung heroes of humanity who have always been contributing to the betterment of humanity during Covid-19 pandemic.

“Honouring The Honourable” is an noble initiative of WHD to show gratitude to the warm-hearted.

Abdul Basit Syed, Founder Chairman of a WHD: “Covid-19 is the live issue in this day and age and it is carving out a whole era of a lifestyle. The whole world is under quarantine and compulsive lockdown, there are still many people who devote and serve humankind to protect and restore normalcy in the society just for the sake of supporting humanity.”

TV BRICS, a media partner of World Humanitarian Drive, invites everyone to submit. You can self-nominate or nominate others, who you think deserves to be appreciated and recognized.

WHD heartily welcomes nominees and nominations from all corners of the world irrespective of the nationality, age, organization and community groups. WHD takes pride in honouring all the selfless contributors with the esteemed “GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD” as a mark of international recognition.
WHD aims to motivate and inspire many people, especially to proffer forward and alleviate this pandemic.

The organizing committee highlights the main idea of initiative “Honouring The Honourable”: not all superheroes are social workers, but all social workers are superheroes. One person can make a difference and thus everyone should try, so spread love spread humanity.

If you think you deserve this award or know someone who deserves it, please take a minute to click this link below to fill this form with the required information to nominate the meritorious.

Submissions are open from 1st of May.


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